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Animal health insurance–an important contribution to your pet's health

Animal health insurance–an important contribution to your pet's health

Animal Health Insurance – Have you ever thought about it?


Veterinary medicine has developed considerably in recent years and, above all, specialized. We offer you a treatment of your favorite at a very high level, much is now at the standard of human medicine. With pet health insurance, you can provide your pet with the best possible medical care without having to worry about pay: Most necessary and sometimes costly examinations and therapies are reimbursed by a health insurance for cats and dogs.

By the way: Animal health insurance is now also available for rabbits!

More and more pet owners in Germany are taking this type of precaution: Just as a comparison, in Sweden almost 90% of dogs are insured.

The conditions for a cost assumption are very different for the different insurance companies. So compare exactly and decide what is particularly important to you when it comes to animal health insurance. We have listed a few points that you should consider or consider:

  • Free choice of veterinarian
  • Assumption of costs for preventive measures (e.B. vaccinations, parasite defense and health checks)
  • Operations and their aftercare
    • With a pure surgical insurance, you should definitely make sure that diagnostics and aftercare are included in the tariff.
  • Reimbursement of fees for further medical procedures (e.B. physiotherapy)
  • Reimbursement of costs at least up to 3 times (possibly also up to 4 times) rate of the Fee Schedule for Veterinarians (GOT)
    • This also covers treatments by specialists and in the emergency service.
  • Payment of veterinary costs in unlimited amounts
    Most pet health insurance plans are tied to an annual limit, with only a few reimbursing the cost indefinitely.
  • No or low deductible
  • Temporary protection abroad - this is important if you take your dog or cat with you on holiday
  • Reasons for exclusion presented transparently and comprehensibly
  • Simple and fast help in the event of damage
    • A good animal health insurance usually does not require expert opinions and the submission of invoices should be as simple as possible



Some tips on how to find the best possible protection for your four-legged friend and your requirements:

  • Take the time to compare different offers.
    The differences in benefits and contributions between providers of animal health insurance are enormous. This makes it all the more important to compare the tariffs and conditions exactly with each other.
  • Insurance tests and comparisons can also provide you with important information in which the most important cornerstones of the tariffs are clearly compared.
  • Search the Internet for pet health insurance providers. Most companies offer a very good price-performance overview online and also send the terms and conditions on request.
  • Connect with friends who have experience with pet health insurance.
  • If you want to insure your pet, do so as early as possible! Because for young animals, the contributions to animal health insurance are significantly cheaper. Older animals or those with illnesses are often no longer insured at all.


Of course, animal insurance for dogs is not a liability insurance! Some providers of animal health insurance have interesting combination offers of both insurances in the program. Dogs in Germany usually have separate liability insurance, cats and other small animals fall under the private liability of the owner.

Here we have listed a few links to compare:





Good luck taking out your pet health insurance!

Your team at the Bärenwiese veterinary practice