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High-end ultrasound

During the ultrasound examination we can show your pet’s internal organs in two dimensions. For example, the liver, kidney and spleen can be closely examined and assessed. The movements of the heart and intestines can also be easily examined. This examination method is particularly gentle and can be carried out on your pet when it’s awake.

We care

X-ray examinations

With our modern, digital X-ray equipment, we can view high-resolution images immediately on the screen. The high level of detail enables lung, heart, abdominal cavity and bone structures to be precisely assessed. The radiation exposure is also significantly reduced compared with conventional X-ray machines. If your pet is cooperative, X-rays can be performed without anaesthesia and are therefore a quick and low-risk diagnostic procedure.

In our extensive in-house laboratory, we can carry out the most important examinations directly on site and thus detect, for example, whether your animal is suffering from diabetes or has parasites.
These includes urine and faeces examinations, blood tests and cytological samples, e.g. from the ears. The quick results enable us to adjust the therapy in a targeted way within a very short time and know what is wrong with your animal.