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Partner practice in Zambia

Our partner practice in Zambia
Project Kazungula Vet Clinic with Zambesi Health e.V.
16 years ago with the first trip to southern Africa, our passion for this continent began. In the meantime, we have experienced many wonderful adventures and met great people. Now we want to give something back. Among other things, through the active support of a veterinary practice in Zambia.

With the non-profit association Zambesi Health, we want to support local people directly without detours. Ms. Czempiel-Bartels founded the association together with friends in 2016. For more information, see www.zambesi-health.com

Together with Fran and Lonnie Turner, who have been providing development aid in Zambia for 40 years, and their organization "Partners in Development", we want to build and equip the Kanzugula Veterinary Clinic. Athens Hamankolo is a veterinarian on site. He lacks everything.

Getting syringes or vaccines is almost impossible. We help to build secure supply routes and directly with donations in kind. A small building has been renovated, where required materials can be stored and a veterinary practice can be operated. In the future, it is planned to support Athens Hamankolo in his work on site by veterinarians from Berlin as part of a partnership. We carried out our first joint vaccination campaign against rabies in March 2017 in Zambia.

We do not even realize in what abundance and with what oversupply we live here. With simple means and support, you can change a lot in Zambia.
Help us and become part of our   project.
Kazungula Vet Clinic