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Sad balance sheet 2020

The year 2020 is not over yet and unfortunately we already have a sad record to report: this year we had more window falls in our emergency practice than ever before. A total of 86 dogs and cats have been treated in our Bärenwiese veterinary practice so far.

The window or balcony fall is one of the most common emergencies that we treat in our veterinary practice Bärenwiese or with the veterinarian Berlin. Especially in Berlin, the danger of falling out of the window with pets is great, as there are many rental apartments on high floors. Also this year we have unfortunately again many window fall cases. Please be careful and protect your darling!

Even cats that have been easily balanced on the balcony for years can crash!

Cats are very skilled climbers and have excellent body control. But it can happen that they lose their balance, e.B. at the sight of a bird. Even a loud noise could cause the cat to get frightened and can no longer hold on. Although many cats land on their paws, as is well known, the so-called rotation reflex can still lead to serious injuries due to the impact: especially if the cat does not land on flat ground, but an obstacle stands in the way, such as a bicycle rack.

A window lintel can be accompanied by serious injuries to your pet and even put it in mortal danger.

Internal injuries e.B. of the lungs, spleen, bladder or diaphragm, bone fractures and injuries in the mouth can be the result and we often see in the veterinary practice Bärenwiese.

Even if your pet makes a lively impression after a fall, please still bring it immediately for a check in a well-equipped veterinary practice. There it must be checked whether and how seriously the animal is injured and only there it can be treated accordingly.

Nevertheless, your cat will not have to do without her beloved window or balcony seat in the future. In the specialized trade you can get cat protection nets to secure your cat from a fall from the balcony or from the window. Have you already made your apartment cat-proof? If you need advice, please do not hesitate to contact us!

As a cat-friendly veterinary practice, we see it as our duty to advise you on the safety of your pet tiger!