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Diagnosing heart disease

Animals can also have heart disease. Some diseases are congenital, others acquired. Unfortunately, animals get heart disease especially in old age. The good news – you can treat heart disease very well and improve your pet’s quality of life in the long run! With ECG, echocardiography and X-rays, we can accurately assess your pet’s cardiac health and provide targeted therapy if necessary. Various diagnostic steps are necessary to assess and treat heart disease, such as X-raying, heart ultrasound or ECG. We can do all this at our Bärenwiese practice.

The diagnosis begins by listening to your pet with a stethoscope. If we detect irregularities, we perform a heart ultrasound (echocardiography) here at our clinic. It’s a very gentle examination in which we use special ultrasound heads to examine the heart in detail and detect heart defects. By X-raying the heart, we can get an idea of the size and also check whether water is already deposited in the lungs.

An ECG (electrocardiogram) provides information on how regularly the patient’s heart is beating or whether there are interruptions and rhythm disturbances. This procedure provides us with comprehensive information about your pet’s cardiac health. Thanks to therapies tailored to individual patients, your pet can in many cases still look forward to a long life. We continuously monitor our heart patients very intensively during the therapy and recommend a comprehensive check-up once a year.

Our veterinary surgeon Nora Wolf specialises in cardiology and is your contact for all your questions.