Soft Tissue Surgery

In our practice we perform soft tissue surgeries such as neutering, tumor surgeries, removal of foreign bodies from the gastrointestinal tract, bladder surgeries to remove urinary stones, and wound care after injuries and bite wounds.

Tierarztpraxis Bärenwiese | Chirurgie - OP

In-house surgery

A gentle anesthesia is important for a quick recovery of the patient. Therefore, each anesthesia is supervised by a person specially trained in anesthesia monitoring (anesthesiologist), who controls the inhalation anesthesia and monitors the anesthesia and the patient’s condition with the help of a monitor (ECG, oxygen saturation, capnography, blood pressure).

After surgery, patients are cared for in our ward until they fully wake up and can stay there for several days if necessary.

Thanks to our growing surgical team, we are often able to provide prompt surgical care for emergencies as well.


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