Heart disease in pets

Cardiology deals with all diseases affecting the heart and the circulatory system.

Unfortunately, diseases of the heart are not uncommon in our pets. Often the
symptoms develop insidiously and manifest themselves, for example, through
poor performance, breathing difficulties or coughing. But even before you can
recognize the first signs at home, it is often possible for us to detect the first
abnormalities in the heart sounds or rhythm by means of auscultation, i.e.
listening to your pet with a stethoscope, and to advise you on further

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Diagnostics heart disease

In the veterinary practice Bärenwiese we offer heart ultrasound examinations (echocardiography), blood pressure measurements as well as ECG examinations by our specialized cardiologists by means of most modern technology, in order to be able to judge and treat a heart illness with your animal as early as possible.

The examinations are completely painless and can be performed on your animal family member without animal family member without sedation or anesthesia.

Treatment of heart disease

Fortunately, many heart diseases can be treated very well over a long period of time, especially if discovered at an early stage, and the quality of life of your pet can be significantly improved with an individually adapted therapy. We will be happy to assist you in this regard, even for many years, and to accompany you during regular check-ups and the development of therapy plans.

So do not hesitate to make an appointment for further examinations at the first signs of heart disease in your four-legged friend, in order to be able to spend many wonderful years with your pet!

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