Cat friendly practice

Cat Friendly Clinic – Certification

Our practice has been officially approved the status of a Cat Friendly Clinic!

As an accredited Cat Friendly Practice, we have demonstrated a higher standard of cat handling and the staff regularly undertakes further training. We are very proud of this award and look forward to telling you more about it!

Tierarztpraxis Bärenwiese | Cat friendly clinic - zertifiziert
Tierarztpraxis Bärenwiese | Katzenfreundliche Praxis

Cat Friendly Clinic – Certification

​​The Cat Friendly Veterinary Practice or cat friendly clinic seal is a globally recognized program of the ISFM (Internationale Society for Feline Medicine). Member practices understand the special obstacles when it comes to taking a cat to the vet:

  • Cats are usually reluctant to travel and feel unsafe when away from home.
  • They are very sensitive to new sights, sounds and smells.
  • Most cats prefer quiet and get stressed very quickly.
  • Most cats react highly stressed to the proximity of dogs in the waiting room.
  • Cats need to be treated very gently and respectfully.

We are dedicated to reducing stress for cats and making vet visits more relaxing for you and your pet.

Separate cat areas

It starts with a separate cat waiting area. This keeps cats spatially and visually separated from other species. Here there are raised ‘cat parking spaces’ and blankets treated with special pheromone spray to create a calming den. This is to make the waiting time as low stress as possible.

In the separate cat treatment room, without scary dog smells, you will meet specially trained staff, from veterinary technicians to veterinarians*, who will treat the cat respectfully and gently.

The same principle applies, of course, in the separate cat ward, should the animal need to be admitted as an inpatient. Be it for preventive treatment such as tartar removal or as a medical patient for therapy. If you have any problems with your pet visiting the vet, our trained colleagues will be happy to advise you!


Everything for you and your four-legged friend

Easy to arrange appointments

We are available – just call and make an appointment.

Always there for you

We will find a suitable appointment. From early in the morning until late in the evening.

Simply a good treatment

For your four-legged friends, several veterinarians are available at all times to offer advice and assistance.

Animal emergency

If your pet suddenly is feeling ill, we are there for you! 365 days a year – 24 hours.