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Dental treatments

What do we do with the digital dental x-rays at the Bärenwiese Veterinary Practice?

Teeth and gum disease are not uncommon in dogs and cats. Almost 80% of all animals over the age of three show symptoms of dental or periodontal disease.

Pet owners are often unaware of the possible consequences. It can lead to chronic mouth diseases or even damage to the heart, kidneys and joints due to the constant swallowing of the pathogenic germs. In the beginning, many processes can still be reversed through prophylaxis, but after a certain point, the bone structure, gums as well as the teeth change permanently.

Therefore, good prophylaxis through proper nutrition and oral hygiene is very important. But it’s also essential to correctly diagnose and provide therapy for dental disease. To assess the dental status, we first thoroughly examine your pet’s oral cavity. The extent of the damage is often hidden under tartar and the bone substance may also be affected. We therefore take x-rays of the jaw – just like your dentist. With our digital dental X-ray, we can get an overview of your pet’s entire dental status with just 6 images. After recording the dental status, we decide which teeth need to be extracted. During dental restoration, the teeth of dogs and cats are additionally cleaned and polished with ultrasound. With teeth cleaned in this way, the animals’ immune system is significantly relieved and a new pain- and odour-free phase of life begins. Make a prophylaxis appointment and together we’ll look at the dental health of your four-legged companion.